“Trees and soils, streams and skies, animals and insects are co-participants- subjects in their own right with their own precious needs and freedoms to preserve. If willing, they can be our partners in re-establishing a healing sense of belonging and homecoming in a world riven by ’dysplacement’ (the uprootedness and angst of not feeling at home anywhere on Earth).” *




  • Presence in the moment is a simple, yet powerful, way of restoring balance to mind, body and spirit. The peace and tranquility of Nature help focus awareness on the breath, body and senses while simply noticing and releasing thoughts that arise. As well, being in the presence of horses can be very calming and grounding.
  • You will have the opportunity to experience a variety of mindfulness activities that with gentle practice can help you: quiet your mind, decrease worry, anxiety and depression, release tension in the body, increase clarity of thought, develop resilience to stress and improve your overall sense of well-being. 


  • Become more Kind, Gentle & Caring with Yourself

Intuitive & Emotional Awareness

  • Tune into the Emotional Wisdom of your Body
  • Understand the Information behind your Emotions
  • Reconnect with and Learn to Trust your Natural Intuitive Abilities

Curiosity & Discovery

  • By embracing a sense of wonder and curiosity along with an open mind and willingness to question deeply held beliefs, we embark on a journey of discovery about self and the world around us.
  • Exploring in nature, learn about horses, self-directed learning 
  • Helps: improve memory and cognitive functioning, self-awareness, sense of competence, self-confidence, understanding and connecting with the more-than-human world 


  • Connection with Self, Horses, Nature & All Life

Reflection, Creative Expression & Integration

  • Increase self-awareness through mirroring by the horses & Nature
  • Awaken your Imagination & Creativity
  • Soul Expression through Art
  • Finding the Awareness, Insight, Message, Gift

Honouring & Releasing Grief

  • The continuous cycle of birth, growth and death found in Nature can help us to process our grief in response to both change and loss. Personalized, self-directed ceremony can often be very helpful in honouring an important transition or death. Nature can also provide the sacred space for us to feel our sorrow, while being comforted by the web of life around us and the hope it provides for new beginnings.
  • Many highly sensitive people also experience transpersonal grief related to degradation of the environment and suffering of animals or other people. By mindfully and gently embracing this grief we are often guided toward sacred activism that is aligned with our deepest values and calling in this life.

Gratitude & Giving Back

  • Reciprocal Healing
  • Making a difference in the World


  • Find Passion, Meaning & Purpose in your Life
  • Living a Fulfilling Life in Alignment with Your Core Values


*Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind Sierra Club, 2009 (p. 20); L. Buzzell, C. Chalquist


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