Always Remain Curious About the Story


What do you see when you look at this image? What is the story that comes up in your mind?

I first spotted the female Canada goose on her nest about 3 weeks ago. I was excitedly waiting for the goslings to hatch. I was careful to avoid going anywhere near the nest. Then one day I noticed she wasn't there anymore. I decided to go have a look and found remnants of egg shells everywhere with one shell several feet away on the trail. I felt so sad thinking that a coyote, fox or other predator had ravaged the nest and eaten the eggs. I took this photo two days later, believing that I was watching a pair of Canada geese inspecting their nest site and mourning the loss of their eggs. I felt a sense of grief for them and wondered how ducks and geese ever manage to raise any babies with so many threats surrounding them on the land and in the sky. The idea of building a predator-free nesting spot for them crossed my mind, but I realized that I had to honour Nature's wisdom and cycles of life.

Yesterday evening when I arrived at the pond I noticed the couple move from the marshy end of the pond onto the water. Much to my surprise and delight I spotted five fluffy goslings paddling close behind their Mama. They headed straight to the nest site in the photo above. When I got home I zoomed in on the photo above and spotted a gosling in the grass! It would appear that, rather than mass carnage, the pieces of shell everywhere were the remnants left behind after the goslings pecked their way out of their eggs. Their Mama had actually fended off the ravens, owls, pine martins, coyotes and fox to hatch five gorgeous babies!

This was a powerful reminder for me to always remain curious and avoid jumping to conclusions. Sometimes the story we write in our heads is not what is actually going on at all. 

Mama Goose on her nest earlier this month

Zooming in on the first photo, you can see a gosling on the left

There is a pile of fuzzy goslings on the left in the grass