Free Spirit Sanctuary Insiders’ Club

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Ganu wants to share the inner scoop with you!


We can’t do what we do for the animals without you.

So Ganu came up with an awesome idea- an “Insiders’ Club” for monthly supporters!


  1. Exclusive access to photos, videos, stories and FB Lives we don’t share anywhere else.

  2. A front row seat to the antics and day-to-day lives of the animals of FSS.

  3. A behind the scenes look at what’s involved in running a horse and farmed animal sanctuary.

  4. Wildies!! Exclusive photo stories and videos from Sandie’s treks out to wild horse country. Take a peak into the lives of the wild horses who are still wild and free in the Alberta foothills.

  5. Come along with Sandie on adventures in Nature- see great grey owls, moose, frogs, bats and much more!

  6. Other special bonuses depending on sponsorship level

  7. Ganu might just have some extra surprises in store for you…

    AND the awesomeness of knowing YOU are making a difference in the lives of the animals of FSS and helping us inspire a kinder, greener world.

    Note- this is similar to being a Patron through Patreon, except by using a private FB group we’re saving the extra 8%+ in processing fees charged by Patreon. That means more of your money goes to the animals! (all platforms charge a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per transaction for processing payments)

Join the “FSS Insiders’ Club” by becoming a Monthly Sponsor

You can choose to support all the animals or become a Guardian Angel Sponsor for your favourite animal. Starts at only $10/month (that’s only 33¢ per day)