Animal & Earth Empath- Highly Sensitive Introvert Questionnaire

Thank you for participating in this research project. Please note that all  information provided will be kept strictly confidential. It will be compiled anonymously to better understand the challenges faced by highly sensitive and compassionate individuals who are deeply connected with animals and Nature, and thereby determine which resources and programs might be of benefit.

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High Sensitivity & Introversion *
High Sensitivity & Introversion
I am particularly sensitive to bright lights, sounds, smells, etc.
I feel the emotions of others, including people and animals
The mood of those around me can have a strong influence on my mood
I need quiet time alone on a regular basis to recharge
Being around people tends to drain my energy
I feel my emotions deeply
I try to avoid conflict whenever possible
I find crowds overwhelming
I avoid graphic photos/videos, violent movies,...
I am easily moved to tears of joy, gratitude or relief
Connection with Animals *
Connection with Animals
Animals are an essential part of my life
I have always felt a deep connection to animals
I feel more connected to animals than most people
My best friends and soulmates are animals
My companion animals are cherished family members
I can sense what my animal companions are feeling
Most people cannot understand the depth of my connection to animals
Animals often acts as teachers, healers and mentors for humans who are able to connect on that level.
I resonate with being an "Animal Empath": I am deeply drawn to/connected with animals and feel especially sensitive to their energy, emotions, struggles, pain and suffering. I sense their needs and feel able to communicate with them to some degree on an intuitive level. I sometimes literally feel their emotions or pain in my body. The suffering of animals absolutely devastates me.
I feel like my deep connection with animals comes with a calling to somehow make this a better world for them.
I feel like an intermediary between the animal and human realms.
There is an animal (or animals) in my life I feel I am meant to work with to help humanity heal its relationship with our animal kin.
I am intrigued by the idea of working with particular animals in my life in a mutually empowering, creative way to discover how our gifts can synergistically make this a better world for the animals we are called to help.
Connection to Nature *
Connection to Nature
I feel deeply connected with Nature
I feel more of a sense of belonging in Nature than with people
I feel compassion for all living beings, including the creepy crawlies and not so cute and cuddly critters
Spending time in Nature nurtures and revitalizes me
I often feel wonder and awe when in Nature
I feel particularly connected to trees and plants
I can feel the energy of trees
I resonate with being an "Earth Empath": I am deeply drawn to/connected with the natural world and feel especially sensitive to the energy of natural places. I am sensitive to changes of weather and seasons (mood may be affected by cloud or shortened daylight in winter → winter blues/Seasonal Affective Disorder). I experience intense joy, wonder and awe in the presence of Nature's beauty, as well as sorrow and despair in response to environmental devastation.
Sensitivity to the Suffering of Animals & the Planet *
Sensitivity to the Suffering of Animals & the Planet
The suffering or death of animals deeply upsets me
I sometimes feel overwhelmed thinking about how much neglect, cruelty and suffering of animals there is in this world
I literally feel (not feel about) the pain of Mother Earth
I literally feel (not feel about) the pain of animals who are suffering
I am very concerned about the future of our planet
Grief *
I have struggled with overwhelming grief after losing an animal companion
I have not fully grieved the loss of one or more animals in my life
I feel grief over the disappearance of wild spaces
I feel grief over the extinction of species
I carry a Great Grief inside me for the suffering of animals and our planet
HSI Challenges *
HSI Challenges
I feel most people do not understand my deep connection with animals & Nature
I struggle with feeling lonely or isolated
I feel like an outsider caught between the human and animal realms, but not truly belonging to either
I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my sensitivity to suffering of the animals & the planet
My high sensitivity and introversion have made it hard to find a way to help animals or the planet that is fulfilling and sustainable for me
Helping Animals & The Planet *
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Do any of the following apply?
1 = Does not significantly affect my life 10 = Significantly affects my life and sense of wellbeing.
1 = It's not a priority at this time 10 = It is a very high priority that I am motivated to get help for now
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Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your participation in this research project is greatly appreciated.