Short Form for Registration

Please use this form only if:

  • There have been no changes in your address/employment/medications/health and
  • It has been less than 2 months since your last FSS workshop.

**PLEASE NOTE: I am offering the services provided in these workshops as a physician under my medical license. The information gathered on this form is necessary to provide optimal services to you, while also meeting the medical charting requirements of the Alberta College of Physicians & Surgeons. Some services are covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, which is indicated in the description of each workshop. All information provided is confidential as per the Health Information Act (HIA) of Alberta. Thank you. *

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3 business days notice is required for cancelling the spot being held for you in a workshop. 

Cancellations made after this time will be subject to a fee of $20/scheduled workshop hr:

3 hr workshops:  $60

6 hr workshops: $120

8 hr workshops: $160