What does Nature Therapy Involve?


"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with
your one wild and precious life?" 

The Summer Day
~ Mary Oliver




  • Presence in the moment is a simple, yet powerful way of restoring balance to mind, body and spirit.  The peace and tranquility of Nature and being in the presence of horses and other animals can be very helpful in this process.


  • Become more kind, caring & gentle with yourself

Intuitive & Emotional Awareness

  • Tune into your intuition  and the emotional wisdom of your body 


  • Discover and honour who you truly are and what matters most to you

Creative Self-Expression

  • Find inspiration and pearls of wisdom and awareness by reflecting on your experience with the animals and Nature through journaling and creative arts. (No artistic experience required)


  • The ever present cycle of birth, growth and death found in Nature can help you honour and grieve the changes and losses in your life related to your cancer experience.

Meaning & Purpose

  • What makes your life worth living?
  • Connect with and contribute to something greater than yourself
  • Create your legacy, so that the world is somehow a better place because you lived.


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