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Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion

Are you your own worst critic?
Do you tend to get harsh with yourself during difficult times?
Do you have feelings of not being good enough?
Do you struggle with feelings of not belonging?

Showing gentle, non-judgemental kindness towards ourselves, especially when things aren't going well, is very important to overall well-being. Unfortunately, we live in a society that promotes competition, leaving us feeling we must prove ourselves to be worthy. Yet, no matter what we do it never seems to be enough. 

The FSS herd and I would like to help you learn about the importance of self-compassion and guide you through some practices that you can do at home to help you become more kind and supportive to yourself. Self-compassion is absolutely essential to be able show compassion for others in a healthy, balanced, sustainable way and to develop resilience during challenging times. 

This workshop is especially helpful for those who spend a lot of time caring for others and tend to forget about or have little energy left for themselves.

**Note: This workshop consists of one 4-hr session. Please choose one of the dates listed on the poster and enter it on the registration form.

Explanation of AHC Coverage:
Our workshops are covered by Alberta Health Care as they focus on different issues or challenges that have the potential to significantly impact an individual's wellness and overall functioning in various aspects of their lives. Alth
ough the goal is to help people improve their sense of wellness, they are not  "wellness" programs per se, in that they are not focused on people who would overall consider themselves healthy and well and simply want to pursue self-growth or learn about mindfulness. Although self-growth is a part of the therapy process, it is in the context of an individual experiencing a physical or mental health condition or life circumstances/challenges that affect their overall physical-mental-emotional-spiritual wellbeing.


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