Little Appy

This little mare was rescued from the Innisfail Auction Mart on October 4, 2014. She is totally blind in her right eye, likely from a congenital condition, and has very minimal vision in her left eye (likely just light and shadows). She was absolutely terrified when unloaded at the auction, running into panels and trembling in fear. It was assumed by the auction mart  that she would be bought by the kill buyer, so they didn't even run her through the ring. We were able to negotiate her purchase directly from the kill buyer. Despite her fear, she let me halter her and lead her right into the trailer. We were given absolutely no information on her. Despite haltering quite nicely at the auction, it has become apparent that she is not halter trained and has had minimal handling by people, so thus far we have been unable to have a good look at her teeth.

Due to her special needs she will remain at Free Spirit Sanctuary for life. 

Full Name: Little Appy
Birthday: ?
Breed: Appaloosa
Nickname(s): "My little Cheeky Monkey Unicorn Angel"
Favourite treat: Not comfortable taking treats yet...
Special issues: Blind with microphthalmia on right; some impairment of vision on left

Please help us give this sweet little mare the best life possible 🐒