How You can Help the Rescued Animals of FSS

It is incredibly stressful and unsustainable to barely keep the sanctuary afloat from one fundraiser to the next. Increasing the number of monthly Guardian Angel sponsors would make a world of difference in giving us peace of mind and ensuring that we are able to provide the best lifelong care possible for the animals. Our goal is to have at least one sponsor for every animal here (sponsorships start at $10 monthly, so most animals require 2 or more Guardian Angels to cover the expenses for their care).

Would you like to Become Bullwinkle’s Guardian Angel Sponsor?

Give a Gift of Food, Shelter, Vet Care & TLC for a deserving Animal at FSS!


Sponsorships (monthly or single donation) help us with the ongoing
expenses of providing the best care possible for the rescued animals at FSS.

Bullwinkle would love a Guardian Angel to call his very own this Valentine’s

Bullwinkle upon arrival at FSS November 1, 2018

Bullwinkle upon arrival at FSS November 1, 2018

Bullwinkle 3 weeks after arrival.

Bullwinkle 3 weeks after arrival.

Will You be Bullwinkle’s Guardian Angel this Christmas?

Bullwinkle came to FSSin November, 2018 with contagious ecthyma (sore mouth) and perforated ulcers in both eyes. He was almost completely blind due to a severe, chronic eye infection that had not been treated. After intensive treatment the little guy has improved dramatically. Other than slight scarring on his corneas, he has nice clear eyes, and amazingly, he has got his vision back! Since coming to FSS he has also been castrated, vaccinated and de-wormed.

Bullwinkle is a little timid, but absolutely adorable! Now that he’s feeling much better and can see, he’s become a very playful little fellow with the other goats and lambs.

Bullwinkle can’t wait to find out who his Guardian Angel will be…


Sponsorship Options

(for Bullwinkle, Fernando or one their friends)

1) Guardian Angel Monthly Sponsorship

Become a Monthly Sponsor Yourself

Sample Guardian Angel Sponsorship (for yourself)

Sample Guardian Angel Sponsorship (for yourself)

Starting at $10/month


There are Many Other Expenses We Need Help With

There are many expenses involved in running a sanctuary in addition to hay, supplementary feed, minerals and veterinary care. There are a number of important projects we need to undertake, but have lacked funding for:

  • Repair the cracked water supply line to the outdoor hydrants
    The water line to the hydrants has to be turned on and off from inside the house every time water is needed outside

  • Install a new auto-waterer: the original is 40 yrs old and hasn’t worked in years. I have to haul water to the 80 acres daily for 6 months of the year, so it would be wonderful to have an auto-waterer at our home property to decrease the time spent fussing with frozen hoses all winter.

  • Replace the perimeter fencing at our home property: it’s over 30 years old & non-repairable

  • Repair the leaky barn roof: to protect the hay stored in the loft from getting wet

  • Landscape the hill to the barn: so that hay trucks can make it to the barn,
    rather than having to dump the load in the lane

  • Build a new chicken coop

  • Trade our wee tractor for a skid steer that can handle round bales:
    Not only would this save us money one hay, but a skid steer would enable us to do many other projects without having to hire someone

Emergency Veterinary Expense Fund

Goal = $5000

You can also make a one time donation toward our emergency veterinary reserve fund. Veterinary expenses for large animals like horses can be in the thousands of dollars and stress our entire operating budget. Our goal is to have a $5000 veterinary fund set aside for emergencies, which would enable us to provide any urgent care needed without having to worry about how we will pay the bill. Your donation will ensure that all of the animals of FSS have access to the best veterinary care in an emergency.

1) ** Preferred Donation Method = INTERAC e-TRANSFER to:
(indicate “Emergency Vet Fund” in message area)

(no service charges to FSS & we receive the funds immediately)

A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!

Other Donation Options:

2) By Credit Card (through this website)

Credit Card

3) By PayPal

4) By cheque to:

Free Spirit Sanctuary
PO Box 1562
Cochrane, AB T4C 1B5

FSS Needs to Find a Truck ASAP

*Seeking 3/4 ton truck with some spunk left*

(before our poor, ailing Avalanche dies)

Our truck is more than ready to retire. It has close to 250,000 km on it and needs at least $4000 in repairs, including work on the steering column and front end that are borderline safety issues.

Sad truck.jpg

The tail gate doesn’t close anymore due to a bent post that can’t be straightened. I have replaced some parts by salvaging them off of old trucks at the wreckers, but I think it’s time to call off the resuscitation efforts. A truck with a for real box would be super (Avalanches have dinky little boxes that don’t fit many hay bales)

We don’t have funds set aside for this (hay and vet care come first), so we’re hoping to find a used, but mechanically sound truck, that is as inexpensive as possible. Please contact us if you have any leads. Thank you!

Veterinary Fund

You can also donate directly to our account at:
Cochrane Animal Clinic
(403) 932-5875
Credit card payments can be made over the phone

Vet Fund

* FSS is a registered non-profit organization in the province of Alberta. We are not a registered charity, so we are unable to provide tax receipts.

* We have chosen not to seek charitable status because of the significant restrictions that would place on our ability to advocate for an end to horse slaughter and protection for the wild horses of Alberta. (Registered charities can only devote 10% of their resources, including volunteer hours, to lobbying the government for changes to laws, etc.)

We truly appreciate your support and hope that you understand our position on this matter.

Note: As a sanctuary, we provide a lifelong home for the animals who come here, and do not adopt animals out.