Denali is an absolutely beautiful Clydesdale mare. She came to FSS shortly after being purchased at auction by another rescue that has since closed. She was intentionally sent to auction 5 months pregnant with the intent of her going for meat after the breeder was unable to sell for her $3000.  She was so scared that they apparently had to use brooms to even get her into the auction ring. For months after she arrived she would not even make eye contact, quickly turning her head to the side if you looked at her. The first time I tried to trim her hooves she stood there just shaking and had diarrhea by the second hoof. She would also panic any time she heard a snapping sound. Gradually over time she has come to trust me. It took several months before she would take a cookie from my hand. On April 20, 2013 she gave birth to her beautiful filly, Bella Gracie. Denali has come a very long way since arriving here and is an absolute inspiration for anyone trying to heal from a traumatic past.

Birthday: May 15, 2005
Rescued: November 2012
Breed: Clydesdale
Nickname(s): "Big D"
Best friend: Gracie (her "baby")
Close with: Zoe and Ganu
Favourite treat: Cookies &
Special issues: Very traumatic past

Please help us provide Denali with the wonderful life she deserves so that she can continue to heal.