Luna, Cosmo (Belgian weanling) and Sparky were my first rescues from auction in 2008. Luna was the most sad and defeated looking little weanling I had ever seen as she stood, head hanging down with pus dripping from both eyes, amongst the "loose horses" at the auction mart. I went into her pen and when she looked into my eyes I told her I would get her out of there. 

It turns out Luna has osteochondrosis, a developmental disorder that can result from too fast of growth and/or mineral imbalances in the diet, in both stifles. When she was a yearling I was told it was so severe that I would likely have to euthanize her within 2 years. Luna is now 6 yo, 18hh and doing very well. She seemed to experience the most noticeable stifle pain up to about the age of 3yo. 

Luna was halter trained when I got her and had marks on her hooves indicating that she had been shod. It is my impression that she came from a breeder, who spent time with her and then dumped her at auction when it was discovered that she had OCD. She was heart broken and definitely went through a grieving period after arriving here. 

When she was younger Luna used to follow me around like a big black puppy dog. She is best friends with Juno, who is the same age. Luna is an old soul with a big heart. She has helped many people on their healing journeys over the years. 

It breaks my heart that Luna's life, and those of so many others, are viewed as being worth nothing more than the going meat price because they can't be "used" or they don't meet some human standard, which can come down to such superficial things as being the "wrong" colour. Luna's story is a reminder that all living beings have inherent value and deserve a chance at life.

I am so grateful that Luna is part of the FSS herd and I pray that she continues to do well with her OCD so that she will be with us for many years to come  💕

Birthday: May 2008
Rescued: November 1, 2008
Breed: Percheron
Best friend: Juno
Close with: Little Moo 
Favourite treat: 
Special issues: Osteochondrosis (bilateral- stifles)

Please help us give Luna the best life possible 🌟